Monday, February 8, 2016

Seedlings 2016!

 January! Is that time of year again to start the seedlings! I'm going to rock this garden this year. Last year was miserable because I was miserably pregnant. I burned and froze my seeds. :( Ah well. Always a new year. :)

The weather was warm enough that we were able to get out and prep the garden beds. We had one in particular that needed some attention. My dumb cat decided in its non use, she would use a vacant garden bed as her litter box. ��
At the end of the season last year I scraped off the top two inches of dirt and all the poop and flooded the bed. Then I put bird netting over it and left it. This week we scraped another inch off the dirt and flooded it again, then layered our chicken coop waste, compost, and left over potting soil from our indoor garden on top. We then flooded it again. Hopefully that will take care of it. I intend on growing pumpkins in the bed this year that we will no be eating. Then we'll add more compost at the end of the season again. 
Stupid cat. 

The tomato and melon seeds popped up amazingly fast! And, as usual, I planted waaaayyyyy too many tomatoes. This picture above was after only 3 days. I think almost all the seeds I planted sprouted, so I had to thin and replant more than a dozen tomato seedlings!   

 Here they are! Very little from the rest of the seedlings. I think I'll be heading to the store to purchase some new seeds. :/ but so far, we are off to a great start! Yay gardening season! ��

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Jack Skellington Infant Diaper

This has been a popular item! I can understand why. The movie is awesome! One of my favorite looking characters. So unique.

This will be a short post, as I just wanted to post a few pictures here. So far I've sold three diaper and a binky holder with this fabric. Too bad it sold out so quickly! Now I have to buy it from the fabric scalpers! >.<

Here is the full size (one size) diaper.

And the binky holders.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Making shirts

Today I made lots of shirts. It started out with a screen printing workshop held by the event coordinators of the Muertos Y Merigold parade, our local Dia De Los Muertos celebration. I have never screen printed before, it was a lot of fun. We were late, of course. It's so hard to get out on time for us (new baby) (slow husband ;). Anyway, I missed most of the introduction and instruction, but caught on fairly quickly.

 The first shirt I made was for the baby. I messed it up slightly at the lower bottom, the instructor said its hard to do on onsies because you can't separate and smooth the fabric like a regular shirt, but it's still cute. Plus, she's always sitting, no one will probably ever notice! ;)

 The next few got easier and easier to do.  We were able to bring our own shirts and add the new theme design for this years parade, or past years designs. 

The theme is 'Silence is Death'. 
There were a lot of cool designs, this one won first place.

They also had lots of shirts to help print on to sell at the parade and art vendor event afterwords. The money goes towards the cost of the event, since it's free for the public. This year will be my 2nd year having a booth at the art vendor event. Last year was awesome but it rained heavily. A first for the event I was told. 

One of the past years designs was a superman themed design. I made one for my son and a few kids sizes for them to sell. I love it....

How awesome is that?!

Here are the final photos for the screen printing. 

I probably made around 2 shirts total before we had to go. My husband was so patiently taking care of the kids outside while I did this. I thought my son would be really into it but alas, he was not. He was into the snack table and the rope swing outside. (Which they informed my husband was not really for kids since a child hung himself on it last year ��)  (He survived, thank goodness!) 

After we left I went home and started another project, tie dying!!! My last tie dying attempt was thwarted by my old washing machine that decided it was going to be unbalanced and sat there for several hours soaking in dye water. All the shirts and stuff came out dingy and gross. �� They ended up being rags. This time I was prepared with a brand new fancy fancy washer! Fanciest thing I've ever owned probably! 
Anyway, I did lots of clothes. I pre washed them and tied them while still wet, Soaked them in Soda Ash and began to dye them. We watched 'The Social Network' while doing all this, so again, no pics! (Really liked that movie!) 

Here are all the dyed shirts wrapped up in grocery bags to let th dye set. 

Waiting to be rinsed.....


I dyed 5 shirts for my son, 5 shirts for me and hubby, 3 onesies for baby now and three in a few sizes larger to grow into, and some onsies to sell, and a bottom sheet for my bed. 

All of them came out fantastic looking except the bed sheets. I bought them online and when I received them I thought they were a little too.... Shiny and silky to be cotton. But figured 'what do I know?' Because I KNOW I ordered cotton. So, I used them anyway. Well, I was right. After using an extensive amount of dye and letting it set for almost 24 hours, I rinsed them and almost all the dye washed right out. Definitely not cotton. ��

Only some spots of blue remain. Arg...

For the most part this was all a success! I do love to tie dye!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Seedlings accidentally

I've never had this happen before. I planted last years seeds and did not intend in using the remains (if there were any) so, I propped the seed packet behind the rows of seed pots as a marker. Today I tried to move one and it ripped, slightly stuck to the bottom of the tray. When I looked inside, the whole packet was full of sprouting seeds! 

I salvaged what I could, as I hate to throw away perfectly good seedlings. 

I am the person who replants the double sprouts into other pots. ;) I can't help myself. 

Hopefully these grow ok. There was a little mold developing on the outer seedlings.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014



I have wanted bees for so long, and now I'm finally getting some! My pest control management company is very small. Mom and Pop type. (Matt and Mary Anne) They have several bee hives and in passing told me they were looking for places to set up more. I just about jumped with excitement and practically demanded one. :) That was last year, this year, I finally got a hive. I wanted my own and we came to an agreement that he would teach me what he knows and his techniques and next year I would buy a hive from him and have two in my yard. 

The delivery was somewhat chaotic. They arrived April 2nd, and the hive fell over in Matts trailer on the way. They (the bees) were understandably very  angry. Matt and his son had to suit up and move the angry hive in full gear. They swarmed the property trying to find their bearing.

This little gal flew into our car as we were leaving. Had to fish her out with the envelope. She was very disoriented I think. I showed her to the kids and headed to take her back to the hive when she finally flew away.

We waited a couple of days for them to get used to the area before going back to view them. The hive came with a little door and viewing glass which I LOVE. I'm still looking for the perfect size stool to sit and watch them in. It's just so fascinating. 

This is a photo of the hive on the ground. Matt came back a few days later and put it on two sawhorses and the lid on as well. 

This is a photo taken from the viewing window of the hive about a week (9 days, April 9th) after delivery. They already have a comb built and are starting on a second. 

I am very excited to have bees. I love them and have lots of yummy flowers for them to feed on and pollinate. And with all the talk of their decline, I'd like to make sure I have some around. 

Happy Gardening

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kids Crafts- Aquarium Diorama

Another glorious spring Day here in New Mexico. With 6 kids with me today I had to be prepared. I took the time over the past week to make a new Pinterest board of things that would be fun and age appropriate to do this summer. The board is accurately named 'Summer2014'. One of the first things I saw (that I had all materials on hand) was this Aquarium Diorama.

Amazingly, I even had the foam sea stickers! I bought a package of them from amazon that was three times the size I expected. I have enough of these to last 5 more projects! 

I skipped the sand and 2nd color of paint. Too much for these little guys and my patience. ;) 

The painting of the plates was quite time consuming for these kids and gave me lots of time to get a snack ready and feed  the babies. 

I used Dixie plates and wished I had used regular cheep paper plates. The paint was runny on the waxy surface. I added some flour to it to thicken it up.
The kids had a lot of fun doing these and ran out of room for all the fish they wanted. We used tape instead of staples and Saran Wrap for the window 'glass'. 

This is one of the better projects Ive come across for 2 to 4 year olds. They were able to do mostly all of the steps themselves with minimal assistance. They were talking about ocean life and naming all the fish and asking questions about each one. 

And best of all, they were super excited to show their loved ones and take them home to keep enjoying. 

Definitely a success. 

(The middle plate is the 1 year olds) 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Smoothie Recipe

I've had a couple people ask me for some smoothie recipes, since I drink them daily and brag about how awesome they are. ;)

I really only make two variations. One is a copy cat of Keva Juices Ragin' Bull. Which they have changed and is now called ragin' rocker, since they switched to rock star energy drink.

Anyway, the Ragin' Bull is my favorite. If done just right, it tastes like sweet tarts. Measurements are not exact. I really just eye it. It also usually makes enough for two smoothies and are about 300 calories. 

Start with a blender.
8 oz of sugar free red bull 
8 oz of guava juice
Hand full of frozen peaches
Hand full of large frozen strawberries

If your having trouble blending add water or more juice. 

That's it! Sometimes I'll add a scoop of vanilla flavored whey protein, it no longer tastes like a sweet tart, but is still yummy and will keep you fuller longer. 

My second favorite smoothie has stuff I almost always have on hand. (I don't always stock red bull or guava juice) 

Easy peasy.

I use some kind of Naked brand juice. I switch up the brands periodically, but usually green machine, mango or berry. 

Juice 8 to 12 oz
Water 4 to 8 oz
Hand full or two of baby spinach
Hand full of frozen strawberries
Hand full of frozen blueberries
5 hour energy (optional) (I use kirklands brand)

The 5 hour energy gets me motivated. (I don't drink coffee) and I normally use it before workouts or an expected long or strenuous day. 

I also LOVE putting spinach in my smoothies. I will usually make the smoothie first, give some to the kids, then blend again with the 5 hour energy. It's a great way to hide the greens in their food. And since I discovered you can dehydrate spinach, I don't have to worry about having it fresh on hand, Or if its slightly slimy :/. 


You can use fresh fruit if you like, but you'll need to add ice to get the frozen consistency. You can also add plain yogurt for added nutrition. I'm not a big fan of dairy smoothies so we don't do this often. 

Unsuspecting children, drinking delicious spinach smoothie. Bwa ha ha ha!!

I love smoothies! 

I hope this helps you start your own smoothie experimentation. The possibilities are truly endless. And if you have a hard time being creative, just grab a menu from your favorite local smoothie shop and experiment with their ingredients and your measurements. 

Happy blending!